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In the American West, the Elkhorn Divide stands apart from the rest because it sits high in an east-to- west vector. All other US mountain ranges run north and south, but in northern Utah, the Elkhorn Divide symbolizes the best of the West: the bold, adventurous spirit ready to stake out new claims. To take new directions. To chart a new course for those who will come after.
Our Heritage
After nearly 30 years in the investment industry, Ben Fulton, Founder and CEO of Elkhorn, has set out to design investment solutions for the next chapter of the ETF era. Ben is one of the pioneers of the ETF industry, serving for nine years with Invesco PowerShares, the last three years as Managing Director of the Global ETF Business for Invesco. The Elkhorn team brings a rich and diverse history of investment design, sales, and marketing to the new adventure. Our goal is to design relevant and transparent investment products that grow the AUM of our partners and advisors.
An independent, boutique investment solutions firm, Elkhorn collaborates with third party research companies to design new investment products. Each product solution, whether Structured Products, SMAs, ETFs (Stock, Bond and Commodity), UITs, Collective Trusts or Hedge Funds, is designed to solve a particular problem facing advisors.
Elkhorn designs structurally diverse products that meet the needs of advisors in the shifting and commoditized financial services landscape. Once the design has been determined, Elkhorn oversees the regulatory filing and sponsoring of the new investment solution.
Our intent is to design transparent and relevant products that grow the AUM of our research partners and discerning advisors. At PowerShares, Ben and his product development team won eight innovative ETF awards. Elkhorn marries Ben’s history of innovation with the research expertise of its partner firms to design relevant investment solutions. Elkhorn co-brands with the research partner the new investment solution, providing product brand, marketing, and distribution support for the new investment. Learn more